Adam "The Gong Show" Gongwer

Father of 4, married since 1991 to my high school sweetheart, and I have been a youth minister, a juvenile corrections officer and a School Resource Officer.

Past experiences:

After I was born near the end of the Vietnam War, my mother divorced and moved us to Lexington, Ohio - south of Mansfield. While growing up in a small mid-Ohio town with only a few friends, I developed an interest in technology. I played chess on an A.I. computer board from Radio Shack and learned how to program "if-then" statements on a basic text editor. I quickly realized I could not write more than 10 lines of code before it would break and gave up a career in C programming. (See picture below for my early experiences on a TRS-80 computer at the local public library in 1983). In the early 90's, I replaced a typewriter with a 386 PC for writing college papers in Cincinnati. Who can forget that unique noise from the DOT Matrix printer....I went from DOS to Win 3.1 during my two year stint in Bible College.

After moving back home to Lexington in the mid 90's, I upgraded to Win 95 and began experimenting with HTML coding. The most annoying noise was a V.34 modem trying to connect to the internet.

View a clip of me predicting 'the internet' will be the "next big thing" in a 1996 newsclip (while on the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society board of directors).

Eventually, 56K modems took over the internet and more visually appealing websites were possible as I developed into a mature graphic artist. I built my own PC computer and soon realized that open-box display models at Microcenters were just as cheap. Working as a pre-press graphic designer for a few years, I was exposed to MAC and fell in love with the task bar placed at the top of the screen. After the turn of the century, I joined Ontario Police Department in 2003 and began assisting previous Chief Smith with I.T. responsibilities and evidence room management. I was added to the Hostage Negotiating Team assisting with I.T. setup in 2006. 

At home, I soon found myself hosting other client's websites and maintaining email pop accounts on a CentOS Unix server.

Current Experiences:

I own a graphic design company,

Current Lineup:

Photos With Benefits []
d3graphics []
Printistry [] began as a print brokerage firm in 1994 under the moniker: Vyne Arts, a subdivision of Blue IMAGE. A combination of two brothers and their wives. We did some graphic design using Photoshop and Illustrator, but mostly we were brokers for thermographed Business Card and Letterheads/Envelopes. 

We started on the 2nd floor of an old house converted into two apartments, eventually moving to the first floor (foreshadowing what was to come at the next location on Main St.?)

Near the end of 1995, we introduced html/web design into our portfolio and increased our freelance design department. (Watch a youtube video of me predicting "surfing the web" as the next big thing in a 1996 WMFD news show).

We first learned web design by coding strictly with text editors, and eventually started using Frontpage and GoLive software (later called DreamWeaver). 

In 1998, we moved our offices to a 2nd story store front on Main St. in downtown Lexington (above), Ohio and introduced other digital items.

We changed/registered our name to Digital Dream to represent our diverse product offering. During our downtime, we sold CD's, digital home audio equipment including & installing DISH satellite receivers, and a host of other digital electronics, typically Pioneer brand.

We started out on the top floor and eventually moved to the first floor of the same building (pictured below) ironically just like our first location.

Top Floor, one room store (above).

First floor, three rooms (main room & front door pictured).

Eventually, in 1999, we scaled back to the original freelance graphic and website design firm leaving behind the storefront, and thus was born our first website (and now defunct) because was already taken.

We added Design to the end of our name and "Why Digital Dream Design" was the marketing plan.(Front and Back of BC below).

To gain experience, I worked part or full time for the following Print firms from 1993-2000: Sun Graphics, News Journal, Schilling Graphics, Premier Graphics Inc, and Mansfield Print Centers.

As the 2000's began, we introduced computer consulting and training into our digital services portfolio. Since 2001, we also offer businesses/individuals an "equipment liquidation" service by helping them list their unwanted items of value on various internet auction and retail sites. (Front and Back of BC below).

In January 2004, we purchased a computer aided plotter/cutter for making vinyl signs and lettering. We also purchased a heat press for making custom impressions on T-Shirts. In 2014, we sold off that equipment and now use Cain.Graphics for our vinyl, digital vinyl and T-Shirt production.

In June 2004, we added and "Dream it • Design it • Display it" to our marketing plan (or does the 'd3' stand for Digital Dream Design?). Thanks for the design inspiration.

In early 2006, we added full color, 2 sided glossy business cards and flat printing to our product line.

In 2006, we added digital printing to our available vinyl signage products.

In 2008, we added Ad Specialty items, including pens, frisbees and office items.

In 2010, we added full color digitally printed indoor and outdoor banners.

In 2011, we added Joomla Websites (Content Management System 'CMS') availability to our clients.

In 2012, we began learning Linux (ubuntu & Red Hat / CentOS).

In 2014, my daughter started her own graphics site:

In 2014, we also added to our marketing strategy: where artistry meets print.

In 2015, we joined Art Arena! Selling our photographs,

Fall of 2015, launched, a photography side to MyARTideas:

Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod and 498RC2 Ball Head, 679B Manfrotto Monopod,

Nikon D5200 

Lenses include 
Nikon Nikkor 16-80mm f/2.8-4E (every day walk-about lens), 

Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 (low light, portrait), and a 
Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro (portrait, macro, sports). 

D3200 as a backup camera 
Nikon Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6.

Winter of 2015, added to assist in selling unused MyARTideas domain names.

Spring of 2016, added to the company marketing strategy to encompass all 3 divisions of Digital Dream Design.

Spring of 2017, started writing my comedy-theme autobi0graphy: LaughingHelps.Us.

 Who knows what this "hobby gone crazy" will lead to next, but we are sure it will involve digital technology in one way or another!

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I work as a School Resource Officer in a district of over 2000 students and 150 staff.

I also represent citizens of Lexington as their councilman (cumulative total of 8 years dating back to the 90's).

I also enjoy taking photos (portfolio) with my two Nikon cameras. I'm not anti-Canon but I do love Nikon and Nikkor lenses. I have been capturing HD video of my son's high school band this year and posted his drum stick trick-throw on my Youtube channel.

I volunteer on the soundboard crew at my local church. Duties include Mixing, recording, mic setup, music and video choreography, and dual / split projectors.

I am currently helping my 10 year old son learn Python programming language and utilizing it on a Raspberry Pi 3 board.

I also wrote a comedy-themed memoir autobigraphy.